Illegal Outer Join Error - SQL Guru Needed 
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 Illegal Outer Join Error - SQL Guru Needed


>Select blah.blah, etc.

>FROM        tblA a  LEFT OUTER JOIN tblB b ON a.junk = b.junk
>            LEFT OUTER JOIN tblC c ON b.junk = c.junk
>    tblD d,
>    tblE e
>(here's the wringer...)

>WHERE       a.otherjunk = d.otherjunk AND
>            a.morejunk = e.morejunk

Try this:

  SELECT ....
  FROM ((((tblA AS A LEFT JOIN tblB AS B ON a.junk = b.junk)
                     LEFT JOIN tblC AS C ON b.junk = c.junk)
                     INNER JOIN tblD AS D ON a.otherjunk = d.otherjunk)
                     INNER JOIN tblE AS E ON a.morejunk = e.morejunk)

When you mix LEFT and INNER joins, the results depend on the order in
which the joins are applied.  So use the parens to avoid the 'Ambiguous
join' error message.

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