RDO Error Handling -howto? (example: database falls) 
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 RDO Error Handling -howto? (example: database falls)


I relatively new to VB and I have a questions regarding the correct
method of error handling when working with a remote database.

I am working with VB 5 and MS SQL Server using RDO to access the
database. I have an application that receives data on aprox 15 second
interval from a TCP stream and logs it to the database.  This will be
running as a Win NT service. I am working with an asynchronous
connection using stored procedures to insert data.

My question is what is the proper method of handling database connection
errors, i.e.. the database crashes, becomes unavailable, etc..?

How do I detect that the connection to the database is open?

How do I reconnect while waiting for the database to comeback online.
The StillConnecting property goes false after a connection time-out and
I have no way of determining if I am connected or not (I may be missing

Any help would be appreciated.



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