Equivalent "FindNext" operation using RDO 
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 Equivalent "FindNext" operation using RDO

 I am currently transitioning from Access to SQLServer 6.5 / VB5 (SP1) and
have a general question. I have a database table in Access with a non-unique
index and use the FindNext method to navigate like records. When I hit a new
set of values for the index, NoMatch is set to true, and my application then
performs some relevant logic.


Field 1  Field 2
ABC      123             FindNext
ABC      123             FindNext
            <--  perform operation
DEF       456            FindNext
DEF       456            FindNext
            <-- perform operation
GHI        678
GHI        678

Is there a way that I can achieve the same "features" offered via FindNext
using VB5/SQLServer6.5/RDO ?

Appreciate comments on this.


Tue, 25 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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