Edit Conflicts in ADO - How are you handling it? 
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 Edit Conflicts in ADO - How are you handling it?

Hi All,

We are in a situation where we are writing an intranet application where a
user can update some employee information and then commit it after updating
the data. We want to be able to avoid the situation where a user is editing
the data, and meanwhile someone else updates the same record, and those
changes get obliterated when the new data gets shoved into the database.

In our previous application, a VB3 app using DAO/Access 2.0 we were able to
call the Edit method of the Recordset object after finding the record which,
according to the VB documentation, "opens the current record in a specified
recordset for editing by copying it to the copy buffer" and "allows changes
to the current record and locks the current page with pessimistic locking to
prevent changes by other users."

Now, in the new version, we're using ADO 2.0, WebClasses, Access97 (and
eventually SQL Server 7.0), and, of course, our own business objects, and
we're running into the same old issue. I think we'd like to do something
similar to what we did in our VB3 app, but we can't keep locks active from
the browser (though I guess we could from the business objects in the middle
tier, but I don't think that's wise).

Is it possible/advisable to rectify the situation using a disconnected
recordset? It's my understanding that when the recordset gets sent back, it
checks to see if the record has changed in the database since the time of
its creation. If anyone has done any work with RDS and has addresssed this
issue, please let me know!


Evan Stone
Software Engineer
Petaluma, CA

Tue, 06 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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