HELP!!! Using ADO to read FOXPRO 2.5 database 
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 HELP!!! Using ADO to read FOXPRO 2.5 database

I have just inherited a Foxpro application that has just one dbf
(Produce.dbf) of over 1 million records. The company is not ready to replace
the system but wants another application designed with Visual Basic 6.0 with
an Access 97 backend.

My problem is that I have to lookup data from this produce.dbf whenever the
user enters a ProductID on the new application. I tried using the new ADO
that ships with Visual Basic 6 (professional Edition) and I found out that
it takes more than 10 minutes to look up just one item. Even though the
Foxpro dbf is indexed, my Vb6 application does not use it. How can I speed
this up and what's best way to implement this type of lookup using ADO.

Thanks in advance


Tue, 13 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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