VB5<->RDO2<->ODBC<->ORACLE Procedure Problem 
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 VB5<->RDO2<->ODBC<->ORACLE Procedure Problem

I haven't used RDO2 yet so I can't truly answer this question.  What I
have done is access Oracle 7.3 directly from VB5 using the 32 bit ODBC
driver  interfacing with SQLNet 2.  Normally I use the SQLPassthrough
attribute, so all SQLPlus processing can happen serverside.  I have a
feeling this may be what you're looking for since the SQLPassthrough
should have no problem executing a stored procedure.  If I get a
chance, I'm going to try playing with some of my stored procedures
executed from VB5.

As for returning a result set, in past applications I have written (in
other languages), to get around SQLscript parsing bugs, I've used the
quick and dirty:  Stored procedure doing insert into whatever table,
pull records back, delete records from table. If you're SURE only one
person is doing this at a time, you can  truncate instead of delete,
aiding performance and fragmentation.

On Thu, 23 Oct 1997 09:55:47 +0100, "Paul Smith"


>Using VB5 with RDO2 and SQL Server I am able to call a stored procedure and
>get a result set returned.  This is very straightforward since a SQL Server
>stored procedure can return a result set simply by executing a select
>statement.  I am having problems doing the same thing with Oracle 7.3 since
>apparently it requires the use of cursor variables to return the result set
>which as far as I can see RDO does not support.

>I'm sure others have had this problem and would welcome any solutions.  I
>would also be interested in knowing which ODBC driver for Oracle is regarded
>as "the best".

Mon, 10 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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