VB# won't access dbase III file 
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 VB# won't access dbase III file

I have been trying for some time now to get VB3 Prof to access a
simple dBase III data file.  I use the Dtaa Manager to select the file
yet it won't highlight the appropriate file.  It just flashes on and
then off.  When I hit OK, the system then tells me:

        Unable to open database file
        Can't find Installable ISAMs

I have gone through the manuals including thrid party books,
re-installed VB3 till I'm blue in the face and I just cannot get it to
allow me to read the dBase file.

The file 'xbs110.dll' is correctly sitting in WINDOWS\SYSTEM and the
VB.INI file points to it.

Help!  How do I get this to work.

Mark Barron
Frustrated VB3 user who's almost ready to go back to QB4.5 for-ever!

Thu, 24 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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