Accessing DB via Oracle odbc driver 
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 Accessing DB via Oracle odbc driver

Hi all,

I have written a Visual Basic application that uses an ODBC connection to
access an Oracle database.  The DSN the program uses was created using the
Microsoft ODBC for Oracle driver (msorcl32.dll version 2.573.6526.0).  With
this Microsoft driver it all works great.

However, when I want my application to use a DSN created with the Oracle
ODBC driver (sqora32.dll version the thing doesn't work anymore.

While debugging my application I learned that establishing an ODBC
connection using the Oracle driver worked fine, but the ODBC call fails
after parsing an SQL query to the DB.

More concrete, my application does something similar to this:

    Dim dbTest As Database
    Dim qdTest As QueryDef
    Dim rsTest As RecordSet
    Dim ConnectString As String, SQLString As String

    ConnectString = "ODBC;DSN=Test;UID=test;PWD=test"
    SQLString = "PARAMETERS p_test TEXT; " & _
                "SELECT field " & _
                "FROM table " & _
                "WHERE test = [p_test]"

    Set dbTest = OpenDatabase("", dbDriverNoPrompt, False, ConnectString)
    Set qdTest = dbTest.CreateQueryDef("", SQLString)

    qdTest.Parameters!p_test = "some value"

    Set rsTest = qdTest.OpenRecordset

And when using the Oracle driver, the ODBC call fail message appears when
the .OpenRecordset statement executes.

Does anybody have an idea why I can't use the Oracle driver when I want to?
Are there any differences/incompatibilities between both?

Mon, 25 Apr 2005 23:26:45 GMT  
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