Access 97 and ASPS 
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 Access 97 and ASPS

Can anyone out there give any guidance?

I have an access97 database resident on NT server.  It is being accessed via
ASPs.  Using a static cursor and can browse through the database happily,
but if I chang it to dynamic the following error appears:

ADODB.Recordset error '800a0cb3'

The operation requested by the application is not supported
by the provider.
/proto/pages2.asp, line 37

The line referred
to is:

I want to be able to allow the user to update the record that they have

I believe that technet says that this is a design feature, but I wondered if
anyone knows a workaround?

Any help is appreciated.



Sat, 01 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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