Problem with ado datatype adVarWChar 
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 Problem with ado datatype adVarWChar

I have created an access 4.0 database using ado and created a table in
it. The fields in the table are created as adVarWchar data types with
max size of 255.  I then link an access 97 database table into the
access 2000 database and then run an execute statement to copy data for
the old table into the new. The field names in the tables are identical
and the new table does not have any indexes defined.

the statement is like this
"Insert into NewTable Select Name, Address From OldTable"

Well, this works but is not fast and when its finished the database has
become massive compared to the original, I'm talking 50meg becomes
400meg.    Doing a reorganise / rebuild in access 2000 brings the size
back to 50meg. Its like the Var part of the datatype is ignored.

I also have a larger 97 database and doing the same causes a crash when
the new access 2000 database reaches 2.3 gig.

Anyone else seen this, knows why it does it / knows how to fix this?
Any input would be appreciated.


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Fri, 01 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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