Grouping with a date problem 
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 Grouping with a date problem

HI all,
My BE is MSACCESS 97 and using CR7
I have a report with a graph that needs to print to some group values for a
particular month and year.
My grouping field is a formula - month({so-so-field});
The record selection formula prints out the values on the basis of 2
parameter fields
Begdate and enddate. These are datetime fields.
So I pass 1996,01,01 and 1999,01,01.
I get all the values and the graph but for only all the months of 1996
whereas I do not get anything for rest, i have data for them too.
I understand that I need to change the grouping field formula to month and
year but I am not being able to do that. For eg. something similar in
Access/VB---- Group By format(field, "yyyy-mm"). Works fine in Access, how
to accomplish the same IN CR.
Thanx in advance, all suggestions are welcome.

Sun, 21 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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