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I've designed 3 years ago a VB 6.0 application using CR6.0 as the reporting
tool. Most of the reports that are generated by the application work fine
with most users, however some reports do not work at all with some users
running XP^.

These reports are just plain static Microsoft Word files that were inserted
in the report as an OLE object. For the first report , whenever a problem
user tries to print it, the viewing windows does not appear at all. As for
the second report, the user gets the 2 following Error message

Seagate Crystal Reports:Font Error/Fonts still in use

after pressing OK, the user then gets

Internal Error-TypeFace:~TypeFace font still in use: Arial 12pt

I suspect that these users might be missing a DLL in their system folder due
to a particular setup, any clue?

Your help would be greatly appreciated since I've tried just about
everything to find out what is wrong.


Wed, 24 Aug 2005 23:03:32 GMT  
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