Help regarding Quotemarks inserted by the MS ODBC Driver for Oracle 
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 Help regarding Quotemarks inserted by the MS ODBC Driver for Oracle

Hi ,
       I am using VB 5.0 and firing a report in
Crystal Report 5.0 .The reoprt(doesn't contain
any Sub Reports) has been designed for SQL SERVER
(using SQL ODBC Driver) and now it has to be
fired on Oracle.If I use it as it is just by
passing a different connection string in VB to
connect it to the Oracle Database it gives an
error (Error : 0904 Invalid Column Name). This
happens when I use the Microsoft ODBC Driver for
Oracle. The Driver puts all the field names in
Double Quotemarks.And Oracle doesn't allow column
names in quotemarks in an SQL statement UNLESS
they are all written in Caps!!
       If I change the Report and the Location of
all the tables to Oracle server using MS Oracle
driver the reports would have to be tested again
on SQL SERVER(tesing Overhead not desirable).Is
there any workaround...?Can I change the Driver
settings or can I make Oracle accept Quotemarks
without this restriction of the column names
being in CAPS .. ?
Any Pointer in this direction would be welcome.

P.S. The report works for Oracle ODBC Driver but
I can't use that because of conflicting

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Wed, 23 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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