Crystal Report 4.6 Date Field Problem (Default to 12/30/99) 
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 Crystal Report 4.6 Date Field Problem (Default to 12/30/99)

I'm working on an application that requires the Remote Data Control from VB5
Enterprise SP3.  I'm displaying data from an SQL statement on a DBGRID.  The
data is formated and display correctly.

However, when I use the same SQL statement to display data using the VB 5
Crystal Report 4.6 Control,  the date fields are not displayed with the
correct values.

I've tried the same SQL statement in Crystal Report 4.6 (main program) and
all the values are displayed correctly.

Has anyone experience this problem?
Is there a fix for this or quick work around?

I'm connecting from an NT4 (SP3) PC to a DB2 datawarehouse.

All answers and work arounds are welcome.

Thanks in advance,

Fri, 30 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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