Crystal Reports on IIS Web Server HELP 
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 Crystal Reports on IIS Web Server HELP

Here is our situation.

Running W2K Advance Server with IIS and Crystal Report 7.0 Web Sever
Components.  I don't know specifics on the versions and what not.  We have
been using this configuration for displaying reports in a web browser using
the ActiveX viewer for some time.  We have done it using reports with saved
data and dynamically going to a SQL2K database.

We are now in the process of implementing a new web application that is
using SSL.  The actual web application connects to the database fine using
ADO.  So I'm pretty sure the web server can see and communicate with the
database server.  However, when a report is served up, the report crashes
and is never displayed.  The problem seems to lie in the fact the Crystal
object cannot make a connection to the database server.  You take the same
report and ASP page to a server that is not using SSL and it works great.
Here is a snippet of the ASP code we are using.  Has anyone seen a problem
with using SETLOGONINFO and a site using SSL?

Thanks for any suggestions!!!

basePath = Request.ServerVariables("PATH_TRANSLATED")
While (Right(basePath, 1) <> "\" And Len(basePath) <> 0)
    iLen = Len(basePath) - 1
    basePath = Left(basePath, iLen)

baseVirtualPath = Request.ServerVariables("PATH_INFO")
While (Right(baseVirtualPath, 1) <> "/" And Len(baseVirtualPath) <> 0)
    iLen = Len(baseVirtualPath) - 1
    baseVirtualPath = Left(baseVirtualPath, iLen)

If Not IsObject(session("oApp")) Then
    Set session("oApp") = Server.CreateObject("Crystal.CRPE.Application")
    If Not IsObject(session("oApp")) Then
        response.write "Error:  Could not instantiate the Crystal Reports
automation server"
    End If
End If

set Session("options") =  Session("oApp").options
Session("options").MatchLogonInfo = 1

If IsObject(session("oRpt")) Then
    set session("oRpt") = nothing
End If

Set session("oRpt") = session("oApp").OpenReport(basePath & "customer.rpt",


set session("oRptOptions") = Session("oRpt").Options
session("oRptOptions").MorePrintEngineErrorMessages = 0

set rptTables = session("oRpt").Database.Tables.Item(1)
rptTables.SetLogonInfo cstr("SQLSERVER"), cstr("DATABASE"), cstr("USERID"),
if not crtable.TestConnectivity then
            response.write "Error:  Could not connect to database server"
end if

Sat, 11 Sep 2004 12:27:55 GMT  
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