Printer ports problem in Crystal reports 4.6 - Please Help 
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 Printer ports problem in Crystal reports 4.6 - Please Help

I have a problem while printing in Crystal Reports version 4.6 on my
clients machine

When I run the reports on my machine it takes me to the preview
window. From there I click on the print icon. It prints perfectly. I
have 2 Networks printer connected to my machine. It prints perfectly
on both the printers. I am also using the pageset.dll to change the
printer orientation when selecting different type of reports. It works
perfectly right on both Win98 and Win2000 profesinal machines in my
firm. I tried this on 3 machines and it worked perfectly in my firm

But the problem is at my CLients end. The reports previews perfectly
and when he clicks on the print button nothing prints. The client OS
is Win2000 professional. Only difference is he has 2 local printers.
One printer is connected to the serial port and the other is connected
to the USB port. Microsoft Word prints perfectly on both the printers

I guess the problem is with Crystal Reports. I dont think there is any
problem with my program as it prints perfectly on my machine, and on
my client machine the reports preview perfectly but only does not
print. Is it anything to do with ports or is there anything specific
to crystal reports.

Also can I print my reports directly to the default printer as
Microsoft Word . In crystal reports we have to specifiy the
devicename, ports and driver. Can we do away with it ?.

Can anyone help urgently. My client is very frustrated

Awaiting your help



Tue, 07 Sep 2004 22:38:30 GMT  
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