Crystal Reports 8.5 Grouping Definition in VB. 
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 Crystal Reports 8.5 Grouping Definition in VB.


  Need some help.  I have lashed together a report in Crystal Reports
8.5, and I have done some clever grouping (I thought!!).

Basically I want to create 2 groups, one where the FromSite.ID =
Parameter and one where it does not (to give me incoming and outgoing
groups!).  I have done this in the actual crystal.exe designer by
using the following menus:

Report | Change Group Expert | FromSite.ID | Options | Specified Order
| Select Group | Edit | Is Equal to =2289.

But where I have the 2289, I want to use a parameter I pass to the
report, but it wont let me - so my question is:

  Q).  How can I change this 2289 in VB using the RDC??  

  Any answers / advice / alternative ideas would be great!!


Craig Parsons

Sun, 18 Sep 2005 17:33:44 GMT  
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