Installing Crystal Reports 8.5 Developer Edn over Pro Edn 
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 Installing Crystal Reports 8.5 Developer Edn over Pro Edn

I have got Crystal Reports 8.5 Professional edition installed on my
Win98 system. I need to upgrade it to Developer edition but am having
trouble with installing it. When I try to install the Dev edn it
propmpts error that 8.5 is already installed and needs to be removed
to install the developer version. When I uninstall the exisiting Pro
edition and then try to install the developer edition then It prompts
error that there is no applicatin in C:\Program Files\Seagate
Software\... directory to be upgraded.

What is it that I am doing wrong. The Developer edition cd has
different CD key code.

Please help

Sun, 26 Dec 2004 05:34:23 GMT  
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