Summaries of SubReports in the main report 
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 Summaries of SubReports in the main report

We have Crystal as an add-on reporting tool to our incident management
helpdesk system - we don't have strong internal skills in this area and
we've historically made changes to the system so the vendor can't help
either, so any advice much appreciate

I have a report (runs as a subreport) that calculates the SLA performance
for either ticket raised and closed - but rather than getting the
performance and close time per ticket I'd like to get the average per team
and priority. If I re-do the subreport all into the same report so I can do
the summary I get 'memory full' errors (as a subreport it works without a

am I missing something here - can I pass a parameter back to the main report
and average there, I guess I can't in the subreport as that would average
only the current record

any help gratefully received

Wed, 31 Aug 2005 15:45:29 GMT  
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