URGENT: Crystal report cannot find SQL Server 
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 URGENT: Crystal report cannot find SQL Server


I have desiged a Crystal Reports whose database location are tables
from an ODBC data source to SQL Server 6.5.
When designing the report within Crystal Reports Designer, the report
connects to the database and displays the data in preview mode just
fine.  Also, my data source successfully connects to the database on
its own (from ODBC Administrator).
However, when I use a Crystal Report control in Visual Basic and try to
view the report at run-time, an empty report window starts to display
before I receive the message:

'Run-time error 20599
cannot find SQL Server'

My VB code is as follows:

With CrystalReport1
   .ReportFileName = "I:\Reports\report1.rpt"
   .Connect = "dsn=TVS_test;uid=TVS_user;password=password"
   .Action = 1
End With

Thank you in advance for any help or hints towards solving this problem.

Rouel Pagtalunan

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Mon, 31 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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