Help using crystl32.ocx in Visual Basic 5 
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 Help using crystl32.ocx in Visual Basic 5

Hi, everyone:

    I'm using the crystl32.ocx in Visual Basic 5, I have made a form with a
crystl32.ocx in, but I've made my own toolbar and the properties
crinfo.controls = false and crinfo.windowparenthandle = myform.hwnd.

    The toolbar contains my own first, previous, next and last navigation
buttons, and the print button too.

    At first time, it works ok, but when I use the print button, the
navigation buttons works but the form (the report) don't refresh.

    the code for the print button is:
    crinfo.destination = crptToPrinter
    nError = crinfo.PrintReport


Fri, 05 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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