Crystal Reports 4.5 to Seagate Crystal Info 6.0 API 
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 Crystal Reports 4.5 to Seagate Crystal Info 6.0 API

I have a Visual Basic application written in 1997
by a consultant using Crystal Reports 4.5 APIs
which launches Crystal and produces a mail merge
file in the background.  Everything was working
fine and we never bothered to upgrade since the
application is rather complicated.  Now our one
and only user has (1) obtained a new workstation
and (2) loaded Seagate Info 6.0 for another
purpose.  Our application no longer works.

I have very little knowledge of Crystal.  I'm
trying to understand the following:
(1)  Is it even possible to make my application
run under Seagate Info 6.0?  If so, what sort of
changes would have to be made?  Are there changes
to the API's?  (Does Seagate Info even recognize
an rpt extension file?)
(2)  If it won't run under Seagate Info 6.0, then
could it possibly run and use Crystal Reports 4.5
on a workstation which also has Seagate Info 6.0
loaded?  I've heard it's possible to load both on
a machine, but I'm wondering how the API's would
react to this.

This application is targeted as being end of
life, so we want to minimize time and effort in
solving this problem.

Any tips or hints would be appreciated.

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