Converting TTX reports to Direct access DB reports 
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 Converting TTX reports to Direct access DB reports


I've recently upgraded to version 9 Ad.Edition and I want to convert some of
my reports from TTX based reports to MSSQL reports based on Stored

When I try to use the DB expert it seems I can't update the reports, in the
same way in which I used in 8.5, just by using 'Set Data Source'.

When I add the Stored Procedure it tends to remove all the fields from the
TTX file and I have to add all the fields again - Quite frustrating when I
have go over 300 reports to convert, is there an easier way?

Kind Regards
Rikesh Patel
(CR9.0-Ad.Ed / W2K / VB6.0-SP5 / CRAXDRT)

Tue, 26 Jul 2005 00:34:58 GMT  
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