Help:Migrating reports from VB.Beta to VB.Net 2003 
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 Help:Migrating reports from VB.Beta to VB.Net 2003


I developped a VB.Net Windows application using Visual Basic .Net from the
beta version and now I am migrating this application to the VB.NET 2003

My problem is CrystalViewerReport is asking me for the name of the server
name, database name, user id and password.

I did not have to supply this information on the Visual Basic beta since all
the information to be reported are extracted using and move into a
Dataset which is passed to Crystal Report.

This application was running fine on VB.beta but not on the Final version of

I will appreciate the help of anyone on this matter.

Thank you in advance


Sun, 06 Nov 2005 01:08:17 GMT  
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