FYI - CR 6.0, IIS, ASP, Automation Server, Sub-reports 
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 FYI - CR 6.0, IIS, ASP, Automation Server, Sub-reports

Good day,

This is for any of you who access CR 6.0 reports via the web using ASP
and the CR Automation Server.

- displaying a report on the web using IIS, ASP, SCR Automation Server
- the report you are trying to display contains a sub-report
- you are dynamically generating the Record Selection Formula from input
form data collected via a VBScript or JavaScript front-end
- no records are returned in the parent report

- the child sub-report enters an infinite loop
- the Crystal SmartViewer displays a blank lost-in-space screen
- report never returns (I gave one such report 30 minutes to find its
way back home, it never did)

1. create a new group in the parent report
2. place the sub-report into the empty section corresponding to the new
3. suppress the new group section (Format Section) when any of the
linking field(s) are NULL.


Mon, 23 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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