OLE object in Image-datatype -> CR9 
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 OLE object in Image-datatype -> CR9

I have this annoying problem:

I have serveral crystal-reports reports where I have to display a logo
(OLE-object) that is stored in an SQL-server database in a field of the
Image-datatype. The OLE-Object can either be a MS-Word doc, bitmap .bmp
file, JPEG image, Acrobat PDF, ....

I can't seem to find any way to store an object in this field in VB.net
(from a disk-file) as an OLE-object so that I can use it in Crystal Reports.

When I link the table through MS-access, I can insert an object by
right-clicking the column and selecting "Insert Object". In this way, I can
use it in crystal reports.

So, Does anyone know how to do the same thing (load a document from disk
into such a field) in VB.Net Code?


Stijn Lambert, Belgium

Sun, 03 Apr 2005 21:18:52 GMT  
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