Mail Label Format in Crystal Reports in .Net 
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 Mail Label Format in Crystal Reports in .Net

Hi Friends,

I am facing one problem.Hope anyone can help me out in this.

I am creating Crystal Reports in .Net.I had selected the Mail Label Format.I
need to print mailing list.It should have 4 columns and 8 rows in one page.I
am able to do it perfectly.but i need to print this into a dot matrix the pages are big in their width.So now when i print the report,
all the 4 columns are printed, but only till the middle of the paper.that
means after printing all the 4 columns, theres lot of spaces left on the
paper. i need to increase the label width, so that i can fit the entire when i increased the column width, the number of columns are
automaticallly reduced from 4 to 3.but i need 4 columns exact.

Can someone help me out in this.

Thanks in advance


Mon, 12 Dec 2005 13:50:35 GMT  
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