Print to PDF from Crystal 8.5 DSR 
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 Print to PDF from Crystal 8.5 DSR

I have a VB 6 application with a few Crystal 8.5 files (stored as .dsr files
I believe) which get compiled into the EXE.  In my app, you can print or
preview and print but now I need to give a 3rd option to print to pdf files.
The user's PC will have Acrobat 5 writer.  The problem is the VB app has 10
different reports available for output.  Each is slightly different and all
are populated by an ADO recordset (if it matters).  I would like to print
all 10 and string them together into one PDF file (while allowing the user
to name it).  I assume I might have to print all 10 individually as PS and
then start an acrobat document from code and add in the 10 PS files.  Is
this correct?  Or it that's not the way I guess you print the first as PDF,
and then the second and add it to the first PDF, and so on..

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

Fri, 05 Aug 2005 02:05:40 GMT  
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