CR8/VB6 - How to retrieve value of a field off report with mouse click? 
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 CR8/VB6 - How to retrieve value of a field off report with mouse click?

I'd like to retrieve the value of a field off a Crystal Report when the user
clicks on it. However, before I do this I need to ensure it's the value I
want; so I need to identify the field they have clicked on.

On the clicked event on the report, I have used the EventInfo object and can
retrieve the text property to get the number. However, it doesn't seem to
let me identify the field the user clicked on.

Is there any way of identifying the name of the field they clicked on?

All my reports are as designers inside the project and so don't load from
external .rpt files.

Any help on this matter is much appreciated.



Mon, 30 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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