error in dll registration 
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 error in dll registration

while registering the following dll: "EXPORTMODELLER.DLL" i am getting the
following message.

RETURNS 0X00000485

any iDeas

Thank You

Fri, 30 Apr 2004 18:36:56 GMT  
 error in dll registration
Probably not the exactly your case, but maybe will give
you some ideas...

When using Regsvr32.exe to register one of the controls
from the MSDEV\REDIST\OCX directory, you might get an
error saying:

"LoadLibrary("msmask32.ocx") failed. GetLastError returns
Attempting to call LoadLibrary() on the OCX will also fail
with the same error code.

Most of the controls in the MSDEV\REDIST\OCX directory
were built using MFC 4.0 so they need Mfc40.dll and
Msvcrt40.dll. There are two versions of Msvcrt40.dll: one
in MSDEV\REDIST, and another in MSDEV\REDIST\ANSI. The
version from MSDEV\REDIST needs Msvcirt.dll. If this file
is not found, control registration will fail.


Copy Msvcrt40.dll from MSDEV\REDIST\ANSI. This version
doesn't need Msvcirt.dll.

Copy Msvcrt40.dll and Msvcirt.dll from MSDEV\REDIST.

Starting with Visual C++ 4.2, the shared DLL version of
the C run time was changed from Msvcrt40.dll to
Msvcrt.dll. This prevents having to keep a separate C run-
time DLL for each version (for example, Msvcrt411.dll,
Msvcrt42.dll, and so on). However, if an MFC 4.2
application were using an MFC 4.0 control, you would have
two copies of the C run time loaded in memory (Msvcrt.dll
and Msvcrt40.dll). To save precious memory, Msvcrt40.dll
was converted to a "forwarder" DLL. All it does is forward
calls to Msvcrt.dll and Msvcirt.dll. Starting with Windows
NT 4.0, Msvcrt40.dll, Msvcrt.dll, and Msvcirt.dll ship
with the operating system.

A registration program will attempt to do a LoadLibrary()
of the ActiveX/DLL and call DLLRegister() on it. If
LoadLibrary() fails and GetLastError() returns 1157
(0x485), this means that a DLL needed by the control
cannot be found (Error code 1157 is defined as

To find out which DLL it can't load, use DUMPBIN /IMPORTS
<CONTROL.OCX> from the command line. Dumpbin.exe is in
MSDEV\BIN. This will list all the DLLs that the ActiveX
Control is trying to load. DLLs will only be found if they
are in the current directory, in the Windows System
directory, or in a directory in your PATH. One of these
DLLs could also be trying to load another DLL and not find
it. In the case above, all the DLLs that DUMPBIN showed as
being needed by MSMASK32.OCX were in the system directory.

The next logical step would be to do a DUMPBIN on these
DLLs. It turns out that DUMPBIN on Msvcrt40.dll told us
that it needed Msvcirt.dll. If you have several DLLs in
the chain, a quick way to narrow things down is to do a
LoadLibrary() on each one. If LoadLibrary() fails on a DLL
that is in the current, system or path directory, use
DUMPBIN on it to check its list of DLLs. You will
eventually find the offending DLL.

For information about other possible reasons for ActiveX
Control Registration failure, please see the following
article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Q140346 Possible Reasons for OLE Control Registration

Additional query words:

Keywords : kbcode kbole kbActiveX kbCtrl kbMFC kbRegistry
kbVC420 kbVC500 kbGrpMFCATL
Issue type : kbprb
Technology : kbvc

>-----Original Message-----
>while registering the following dll: "EXPORTMODELLER.DLL"
i am getting the
>following message.

>RETURNS 0X00000485

>any iDeas

>Thank You


Sat, 01 May 2004 03:44:23 GMT  
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