SQL Server 7.0 date handling with Crystal 
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 SQL Server 7.0 date handling with Crystal

Here's my Stored Procedure:


and then I execute the SQL...

I don't seem to understand why Crystal Reports 8.0 and My stored procedure
don't get along too well.

Date handling seems to be a bit of an issue.  I've also tried changing the
parameters of the variables to nvarchar and tried to cast them as datetime
and smalldatetime strings yet they don't seem to work either.  I've also
tried passing on a string and then using both cast(field As
datetime|smalldatetime) and CONVERT.  Nothing seems to work!

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I should declare my variables and
as to how I should place them into my SQL to work?

If I pass on text strings through a query such as SELECT * FROM ...  WHERE
table.datefield > 'mm/dd/yyyy' it works, but when I use a dynamic stored
procedures to use the same query I get an type mismatch error (or whatever
it's called).

I know this seems like a simple issue to most people who have had to handle
dates in SQL before, but I'm messed with this right now and could use the
help.  Thanks a bunch in advance for any help...  It'll be greatly

Tue, 29 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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