Urgent Help required on Crviewer crash 
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 Urgent Help required on Crviewer crash

  I am making Dynamic reports (there is no rpt file)from my VB
application using Crviewer control and CRAXDRT object. But there seems
to be strange crashes out of no where with no particular reason that i
can understand. My application gives an error of the following

"The instruction at "0x02634f55" refrenced memory at "0x00000000" the
Memory could not be read"

Now this crash comes randomly. sometimes the report is opening it
crashes other times when i move to nxt page on the report it randomly
crashes and sometimes when i press the close button of my report after
viewing it it crashes. And i dont see wt exactly is the problem. Bcz
this thing was working perfectly b4 and now from no where it has
started crashing. Can any body give me a solution bcz my client is
really mad as he is unable to print his report.

Thanks in Advance

Fri, 19 Nov 2004 20:33:10 GMT  
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