can't print report (cr 8.5 / vb 6) 
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 can't print report (cr 8.5 / vb 6)


A report created with Crystal Report Version 8.5
Now I am using VB & Crystal 8.5 Active X Designer Runtime Library to open
this report.
Then I use an ADO Recordset to read data from Access 2000 Jet Engine DB.
Works fine.
I can export the report based on this resultset to html, pdf etc.
But when it comes to printing, nothing happens.
Instead of report.export I now use report.printout.
The Box for the Printer Settings appears.
When I push OK the box dissappears, but nothing
happens. No error message, no file in print queue.

We tried this one on different workstations, and everytime we are faced
with the same behaviour. Export is ok, so the report seems to be ok for me.
But printing does not work.

Any ideas?


Markus Bauer

Fri, 03 Sep 2004 23:32:13 GMT  
 can't print report (cr 8.5 / vb 6)

Think I just needed some sleep :-)
So today I woke up and had some idea.
Yesterday i was real stupid.
As I designed the report, there was no printer on the system installed.
So Crystal saved it with a "no printer" setting.
Even after installing the printer, this behaviour did not change.
I had to reopen it in Crystal and select there the printer and save it
Now it works.

Sometimes I think programming makes me forget that there can be simple
for simple problems. ;-)


Markus Bauer

Sat, 04 Sep 2004 14:44:44 GMT  
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