Sub Reports within vb6 and Crystal 8.5 
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 Sub Reports within vb6 and Crystal 8.5

Hello all,

I am trying to create a subreport in CR 8.5 and VB 6

My main report is fine...

Here is an example

                         Men   Women  
Population of Ontario   2000    4000
Population of Michigan  3000    1000

What I want to do is make the labels, (Population of Ontario), be
links to the on demand sub reports.

The problem is when I add the on demand sub reports, which in this
example would show the cities that make up Ontario's or Michigan's
population, it adds a link but the link does not do anything when I
click it.

Of note, if the sub report has paramaters it asks me for there values
when the main report is loaded... I thought that if they were on
demand they would be required when requested by the user.

The main report is the sum of all the sub reports data.  in this
example Ontario may have 100 cities worth of data which would be
itemized in the subreport but the main report would only have the sum
of that data.  Likewise Michigan's sub report could have 150 cities
and the main report has the sum.

Main Report - Sub Report 1
            - Sub Report 2
            - ...

Sat, 27 Nov 2004 23:35:08 GMT  
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