Overflow error, error number 6, in VB6 using Crystal Reports 7 
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 Overflow error, error number 6, in VB6 using Crystal Reports 7


I am struggling with an overflow error in a 32 bit VB 6 program.

I have used the VB P&D Wizard to install it on a number of machines,
including my clean Win95 machine

So far it has occurred only on a Win2000 machine with a 450Mz Pentium III
machine, which of course happened to be our client's machine.

I have crawled through my code and I can't see any place where it could
happen. I am making a lot of API calls to the Crystal Report engine, and I
suspect that the problem is in one of them.

The only calculations I do is to get the screen size in order to scale the
report window, as shown below:

    ' Window size variables for the PEOutputToWindow function
    Dim nWindowLeft As Integer
    Dim nWindowtop As Integer
    Dim nWindowWidth As Integer
    Dim nWindowHeight As Integer
    ' Screen size variables
    Dim dScreenWidth As Single
    Dim dScreenHeight As Single


    If (Destination = "ToScreen") Then
        Load PreviewButtons
        ' Get screen size, in pixels
        dScreenWidth = (Screen.Width / Screen.TwipsPerPixelX)
        dScreenHeight = (Screen.height / Screen.TwipsPerPixelY)
        ' Set window top below buttons on the PreviewButtons form
        nWindowtop = 40
        nWindowWidth = CInt(dScreenWidth)
        ' Center window horizontally
        nWindowLeft = 0
        nWindowHeight = CInt(dScreenHeight) - 40
        If (PEOutputToWindow(nJobNumber, "Crystal Reports Preview" &
Chr$(0), _
                nWindowLeft, nWindowtop, nWindowWidth, nWindowHeight, _
                WS_VISIBLE, PreviewButtons.hwnd) = 0) Then
            ErrorTrap "PEOutputToWindow in PrintPreview", nJobNumber
            If errcrystal Then
                GoTo CrystalExiterr
            End If
        End If

I have discussed this with Seagate support, and they claim that they have
full error handling, and have no suggestions.

Any ideas?


Sun, 01 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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