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 CRViewer Object

I have now managed to consistently update the datasource for a report
developed using RDC (ADO OLEDB) and am now looking at putting it all
together in a project.  The next stage for me is to manipulate the CRViewer
eg enableprinter etc  My question is can I set eg enableprinter at run-time?
I keep getting told that it cannot be SET.

I am not sure about the next bit but is it more beneficial to go directly
through the object model ie
dim crv as CRViewer
set blah blah blah?

One temporary solution for me is to totally remove for example the printer
button at design time and use a command button on my form and use a method
PrintReportMethod ?

Thanks for anything at all useful :)


Richard P

Thu, 06 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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