CR 4.6 report selection formula 
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 CR 4.6 report selection formula

I am trying to retrieve records using the formula
{brgtransl.prefix}='EC' or {brgtransl.suffix}

What happens is that it finds records which match
the first criteria and seems to ignore the
second.  Even if I switch to
{brgtransl.suffix}='XY' or {brgtransl.suffix}
='EC' it matches on the first, ignores the second.

Is this a 4.6 limitation or do I need different
syntax to do this?  The little bit of
documentation I found said it will apply the
boolean formula to a record and display if true,
not display if it evaluates to false.  It seems
to stop at the "OR" and nearly all the examples
have "AND".

I am using VB 6 and Access 97 database.  This is
my first time programming with CR.

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Sun, 18 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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