GPF in Module DAO2516.dll 
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 GPF in Module DAO2516.dll

Who can help me out?

We have a program designed in VB 4.0 and Crystal Reports 3.0.1. (16
bit Versions) It makes use of MS Access 2.0 Databases. After a long
preiod of time debugging the program we now have found one that is
really bugging us beyond belief.
After printing (using the Crsytal Reports Control) and closing the
application we cannot start it up again. The error message says (when
we start the app again)  something like General Protection Fault in
Module DAO2516.DLL.

Did someone experience this too? Does anaybody have a clue how to fix

Your ideas and solutions will be highly appreciated.

Geert Wapstra

Mon, 17 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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