Problem in Generating reports using Crystal in VB.Net 
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 Problem in Generating reports using Crystal in VB.Net

I have developed a application in VB.Net and created reports in Crystal
Report 8.5 The report fields are set to Draft 10cpi font. When I run the
report from the application the report output is displayed BOLD in another
font and the display time is very slow. Also when I scroll the display slows
down.In VB.Net application I have used CrystalReport Viewer Control and
Crystal Report Object. When I change the draft 10cpi font and select any
other font then the report display is fast.

In VB 6 it displays perfectly for all Fonts with the same method.

Can the same be implemented in VB.NET for draft font. Is there a workaround
or are we missing anything.

Do reply

Devesh Aggrwal

Fri, 15 Jul 2005 14:11:12 GMT  
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