Crosstab in subreport does not print data wider than one page 
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 Crosstab in subreport does not print data wider than one page


My crosstab report won't print properly. All data that is not one the
first page will not be printed.

This is the situation:
I have a list of farmers that all have cattle that is inventoried and
counted on various occasions. The counts are per type of animal (cows,
sheep, etc.). So de basic query looks like

farmer, date, animal type, count.

I want to present this data as follows:
farmer 1
address etc.
        5/4     7/19    12/6    
cows    40      50      45      
sheep   3       6       4      

farmer 2
address etc.
        5/4     7/19    12/6    
cows    100     100     103
sheep   35      36      40      

Since I wanted to put some info for each farmer above the crosstab, I
thought about making an group for the farmer and putting the crosstab
in de details section. This appears not to be allowed. So I decided to
use a subreport in which the crosstab is put.

there are now to queries: 1 with all farmers for the main report and
the previous one for the subreport. Both are linked on the farmer.

This works fine, except for one detail. If I have many dates for one
farmer, the crosstab is wider than one page and the remainder will not
be printed. I can be previewed though, by double clicking the
subreport area.

Has anyone experienced this problem and found a solution to it? Or is
there a better way to get the layout described above?

Any help will be appreciated.


Roel Schreurs

Wed, 25 May 2005 00:06:43 GMT  
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