Accessing secured Access database using DAO 
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 Accessing secured Access database using DAO

I've developed an app VC 4.2, CRW 5.0.108 and secured Access 8.0.
I've encountered a major bug.....
When printing reports reporting of a secured Access database using DAO you
are supposed to set some regestry key to point to where the workgroup file
is located. Using the Sysdb32 util. Everything works greath, except one
little thing (ref the "DAO, DAAAAAOOOOOO.  Daylight come and me wanna go
home..." thread)
The new problem occurs when we are distributing our apps and there is
another app installed using CRW to report from an other Access database.
Only one of the apps will run.... Seagate has made it impossible to have
two apps using CRW with Access running on the same machine (!), if theire
not using the same Workgroupfile. In other words they've developed
something that will only work in a fantasy world...
One way to get around this probelm is using ODBC, but we don't wanna use
that of obvious reasons. But hopefully there's somebody who's got an idea
on how to fix this problem.

Anyways, my best idea is that Seagate aknowledge this major bug in the app
(or in their printengine), and fix it A.S.A.P

Audun Melhus

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Tue, 01 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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