Crystal Report 8.5 Sub-Grouping question 
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 Crystal Report 8.5 Sub-Grouping question


I am quite new to Crystal Reports hence this simple question.

I am trying to create a report for a call center that would display
the following for a given agent:
1.) Number of cases created during a date range
2.) Number of cases closed during the same date range
3.) Number of cases that are outstanding till the date of report.

I created 3 reports
1.) Count of Case_Created for cases created- prompts for agent,
created_from_date, created_to_date
2.) Count of Case_Closed for cases closed- prompts for agent,
closed_from_date, closed_to_date
3.) Count of Case_Outstanding for cases open- prompts for agent.

Each of them individually run fine.

I created a new report using Case_Created as primary report and
Case_Closed & Case_Outstanding as sub-reports with proper linkages.

When I try running the report, it prompts me for prompt values 3 times
- once for Case_Created, once for Case_Closed and once for
Case_Outstanding though the values for each are same.

How do I get rid of the 2 extra prompts from appearing and instead use
the values specified in the first prompt for running the sub-reports?


Sun, 08 May 2005 06:14:37 GMT  
 Crystal Report 8.5 Sub-Grouping question

Fri, 19 Jun 1992 00:00:00 GMT  
 Crystal Report 8.5 Sub-Grouping question
Sorry for the mistake in the Subject line.

It should read "Crystal Report 8.5 Sub-Report question"

Mon, 09 May 2005 04:13:23 GMT  
 Crystal Report 8.5 Sub-Grouping question
It sounds like you have created parameters in each of the subreports.  Your
parameters should be in your main report, not each of the subreports.  What
should happen is that the main report requests the parameter values from the
user and then distributes this information to the subreports based on the
links.  Example: If one of your parameters is a starting date, then create
that parameter in the main report.  Edit the links to the desired subreport
using the parameter field from the main report and linking it to the correct
date field in the subreport.

Bob Holmes

> Sorry for the mistake in the Subject line.

> It should read "Crystal Report 8.5 Sub-Report question"

Fri, 13 May 2005 22:00:24 GMT  
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