cpeaut32 error: ActiveX automation and Crystal Reports 7.0 
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 cpeaut32 error: ActiveX automation and Crystal Reports 7.0

Am reposting to this group from a cogniza.com newsgroup posting, in hopes of
getting some help:

I am running up against an error code that I can't look up.  The problem is
occurring as I translate an Active X Report Server ASP page from Crystal 6
to 7.  I completely deleted CR 6 and followed all recommendations for
installation of CR 7.0

I have switched my .asp pages to  the basic format from the ASPSamples in CR
7.0  The browser accesses the "ADORecordset.asp" as default.asp which then
includes the "SmartViewerActiveX.asp" which then calls "reportserver.asp",
all of this with only the report name and virtual directory assignments

The report has been saved without data, and worked fine with Crystal 6.0.
It has been loaded into and saved by Crystal 7.0 for good measure.

Every attempt to make the thing work illucidates the same error message:

    "cpeaut32 error '800a4e20'
    No error."

The error occurs at the following line of code:

    set Table1 = Tables.Item(1)

There is no reference to an 800 series of errors in the Seagate knowlege
base.  There is no reference to a "no error" error.  The whole thing seems
slightly ridiculous.

Any help?

DA Ward

Fri, 15 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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