Possible to use DAO RS from Data Ctrl for RDC? 
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 Possible to use DAO RS from Data Ctrl for RDC?

If you're using VB6, why not use the Data Environment add-in? It will walk
you through setting up the DAO object, and then drag and drop it into the
Crystal Report object in your project.



>Using VB6, CRDC6, DAO and Access.  Looking for example code if this is

>I want to use the current recordset assigned to the Data Control as my data
>source for my report so I do not have to re-query the database.

>I would think the following code should work, but it does not:

>    Report.Database.SetDataSource  frmMain.Data1.RecordSource

>The examples that come with the Designer Component use the SetDataSource
>method with ADO (on a SQL query), and lead one to believe that the method
>should work with DAO as well, but I have yet to make SetDataSource work at
>all for DAO in any way.  The method executes just fine, but the original
>design-time report source is still what is displayed instead of the current

>So I'm using the following code to set the source currently:

>    Report.Database.Tables(1).Location = frmMain.Data1.DatabaseName

>Which works for the whole current db, but I want to use just a subset of
>is in the database (the current query and recordset) for the report.


>    -Mark Anderson

Thu, 17 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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