crw 5.0 stops printing after 8 pages 
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 crw 5.0 stops printing after 8 pages

does any one know the answer to this for a client:

        1) app runs as shell replacing explorer in win95
        2) run report program and send it to the printer but it stops after 8
                (HP Laser Jet 6)


        works fine if done the same way under WFW
        using crw v5.0.7.108 (16 bit)
        using access v2.0, secured database
        program was written in vb4(16bit)
        printing works fine if explorer is set back to win95 shell
        only 1 ocx on in program
        no crystal error messages or printer error messages

        suspect that problem may be with dao2516.dll

ps.  i already tried to convince the client to rewrite in 32-bit version.

any words of wisdom would be appreciated!

Tue, 25 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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