Error 20639: SQL Expression error - Error in creating SQL Expression COM Parser (cpeaut32) 
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 Error 20639: SQL Expression error - Error in creating SQL Expression COM Parser (cpeaut32)

I have a VB6 sp3 application that lists a number of CR7 (MR1) reports and
allows the user to run these reports against one of several databases. All
of the reports contain a subreport that displays the USER Sql Expression
(with other information).

I have distributed the VB application to a few users using the Package &
Deployment wizard
together with the Crystal runtime support.

On some machines all of these reports work fine. But some reports do not
work on some machines and result in the error listed in the subject above.

By a process of elimination I have re-built the
subreport and found that replacing the USER Sql Expression causes the report
to work fine.

Seagate support suggested that s2sqlprs.dll, rule1.dfa and rule1.ilr files
missing. This is indeed true, but it is also true for the machines on which
the reports work without alteration. I would like to use Wise 8 to do the
installation in the future, but I cannot see any sign of these files in the
standard Wise 8 or VB P&D Wizard.

My questions then;

1. do I really need these files to be on the client machines?
2. will this really fix my problem, or is it likely that the sub report was
just corrupted in some way, or there is another problem?
3. where do these file have to be placed on the client machine?
4. Why is it that VB and Wise do not seem to have these files included? Or
do they and I have poor vision?

Paul Durdin

Sun, 01 Jun 2003 08:37:56 GMT  
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