Convert to pdf fails when report contains image 
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 Convert to pdf fails when report contains image

I use .NET version in VB.NET. I create a report, then I convert it to
pdf for printing. I need to insert a small jpeg retrieved from SQL
Server 2000. I make sure that it is not NULL since I already found a
problem with that. It fails when the Export method is called. However,
if I put in rpt a Picture object, with the path to a jpg given at
design time, it works without problems.

If I put the image field and the Crystal picture object on the report,
it doesn't crash anymore, but something quirky happens: The image
field displays the same picture like the Crystal picture object ???!!!

Does anyone know what to do?

Is possible to change the file path at run-time (before displaying the

Thank you,

Fri, 27 May 2005 14:11:50 GMT  
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