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I do not believe that this is possible, You can do it another way

You can a) use a formula, and in the formula set a {table.field} at
runtime for each formula, OR you can report off of a datacontrol, and
populate the datacontrol with the colums that you want and then have
the report generated at runtime.

As for Crystal;

they are at..


On Wed, 5 Nov 1997 21:44:48 +0400, "Jean Claude NEERUNJUN"


>Using the Crystal Report API I have been able to open the engine, the
>printjob, get the report title(the version bundled with VB4.0 16bit).
>Now I want the fields of the report to be transparent to my users.
>How can I get the field names of the report together with the type of the
>Is there a URL where I can have info on Crystal Report?
>Jean Claude
>The author of these words will appreciate a copy of your answer,
>suggestions, advice and rebuke. Your opinion is important to me. Send them

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