Problem using Seagate Crystal Report Automation Engine 7.0 
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 Problem using Seagate Crystal Report Automation Engine 7.0

I am using Seagate Crystal Report Automation Engine 7.0 from Visual Basic
6.0 to change reports on fly. I sucessfully open .rpt files through these
objects but when try to change any object inside any report like text, field
or formula etc, the automation engine gives me an error 'Error Code: 30016,
Feature not enabled'. Although automation engine provides a function in its
application object.

Application.EnableFeatures(Key as String)

But when saw in help, this function is not listed in application object and
no description is given in documentation. What I want to know is that is my
problem related with this function? If it is then what should I input in Key
parameter. I gave product serial number, but it did'nt work and engine threw
a message 'Invalid key number'. If it is something else, please let me know.


Fri, 28 May 2004 12:59:24 GMT  
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