To index a consultation - Crystal - !!!! 
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 To index a consultation - Crystal - !!!!

The projecto is simple, he/she has an entrance form that from
the same one with a commandbutton (to print) he/she opens me a
The user then enters the data and then it prints it (in
the moment).
What doesn't leave me, is that I want that the glass primes the one
last entered registration.

Private Sub Command5_Click()     ' este es el botn imprimir

Adodc1.RecordSource = "select * from pase WHERE dni LIKE '" & Text2.Text &
With crystal
     .ReportFileName = App.Path & "\salidas.rpt"
    .Action = 1 'manda a imprimir
End With

The report as well as I is he/she throws a striped gral. and not the last
registration or the one
indexed that I need.

' Text2.Text are a field autonumrico where it indexes the
it consults, since it is only (he/she doesn't repeat)

Now you had told me that programmatically he/she had to make the
connection to ADO for the Crystal. and one doesn't eat it is made.

If not very explicit fu notices the encl. file that the projecto is.

Thank you
Hector. -

Sat, 29 Nov 2003 04:11:29 GMT  
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